Worlds best wedding photo?

During the summer The Daily Mail (as much as I dislike them) ran a story entitled; “Could this be the best wedding photo ever?’

The photo was taken on a farm in Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia, with a single 71 second exposure, the camera’s sensor set to extra sensitive to capture the dim light from the distant stars and the newly-married Shirley and Warren Andrews had to stand very still.
In my opinion I feel that this was the best wedding photo opportunity, but if I would have had the opportunity, I would have captured it a bit differently. I am not nearly as experienced in taking pictures of stars as this photographer and living in the UK does have its disadvantages (believe it or not) in that we cant capture the milky way in this amount, because of the amount of light pollution. To take a similar image you’d have to travel to Scotland or Wales, and get the right time of year, for the milky way will be in shot.
I am amazed by the galaxy in this image as much as the next guy, but the question wasn’t; ‘Is this the best picture of the milky way?’ It was asking the question if its the best wedding photo, with that in mind my answer is no. I’m sure the couple were very happy with the picture and I would be too, if that was the only option. But I would have done it differently, Instead of making the couple stand still for 71 seconds, increasing the risk of movement blur, I would have made the party sit in darkness or a couple of minutes. While this is an inconvenience for the party, I can imagine it was harder for the guests to sit/stand still for so long, I would have used a portable flash to expose the couple in the foreground of the image, which would of made them clear and in focus. Doing this would keep the complexity of the sky while fitting the title as the best wedding photo ever.
Here is a picture of the stars in Worcester last night, You can clearly see Orion and Jupiter in the picture plus many other constellations.
Unfortunately at this point in the lunar cycle it is impossible to get a picture of the milky way in England due to the angle of the earth in relation to the galaxy.
Thanks for reading.

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