Philosophical Revolutionist ~ That’s me!

Following the lecture last week I left feeling positive of the direction I wanted to take. With the help of the group and my scribe, I had a clear vision of the things I wanted to look into further this week. We discussed my political views, my philosophy, my technical skills and social status. I am a political person in the sense that I am interested in how society is being run. Unfortunately the political system is a machine that has many moving parts that keep it running the way it does. To explain one aspect of the machine, one would need the knowledge of how that fits in with the rest of the machine.

It was because of this I wanted to focus on a specific aspect of society that has effected me or is effecting me on a daily basis. Medicine, monetary policy, the NHS and the benefits system all came to mind. While these are all very important issues they would be hard to address given the timescale. There are a number of people who have effected society on a considerable scale, political journalists, activists, poets, writers and artists, all who took their ideas and put it into the context of the people. With the way technology has evolved, the ideas we have can be communicated around the world in an instant, and can effect people in amazing ways.

I think it was Sian who mentioned J.R, a semi-anonymous French street artist. His work that involved the plastering the human face around the world on humongous canvases, was intended to provoke the individual to re-evaluate what art is to them. His Ted talk addresses many of my aims in this module, to create a piece of art that could change the world. Unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to complete a project like him at this moment in time. The idea that art can change the world is clearly evolving with technology.

You can watch JR here:

When thinking about concept ideas I thought about ways in order to communicate my view point through digital media. In the BA independent study I felt that the main problem was that communicating such a political message can be taken in the wrong way by some people.

I would like to explore ways to express my ideas without isolating a group of people.

I think that if you could explain quantum mechanics to people the whole concept of religion would be obsolete. Maybe use ‘The Garden of Forking Paths’???

Steer clear of religion!!

As much as I would like to create a piece explaining the concept of religion, I decided that while religion teaches people to be closed minded, it also gives their life purpose. Or as someone said last week is often used as a crutch in an unbearable situation, who am I to take that away from them!!

Few ideas:

Communicate the similarities between different religions?

Symbols? Texts? Characters?

Maybe Gold/Bitcoin???

Possible new currency paradigm, definitely needs explaining to people.

Landscape photography-

Explore the parallel between beauty and rubbish.

(Brierly Hill Rubbish Mountain)


NSA/GCHQ: Edward Snowdon talks about how we can take back the internet!

This week I came to the conclusion that instead of trying to communicate my own ideas, I should try to communicate someone else’s message that has influenced my own philosophy. I would like to use traditional advertising techniques to get the message across.

Things to look at further:

Man Ray- Photography

David Lowe- British war cartoonist

Slavery/War propaganda


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