“I’m not a freak show” – Worcester Student facing frequent harassment!!

Chris Amor, a University of Worcester student, has people pointing and laughing at him and shouting names in the street as well as filming and photographing him without his consent.

But rather than feel sorry for himself, the 26-year-old, who has dwarfism, wants people to understand that he and others with the condition are people and should be treated equally.

He believes the condition has meant he has had to face employment discrimination as well as coming up against prejudice when dating.

“My issue is I am obviously different looking to most people but that doesn’t mean you should judge someone on their height alone”

Mr Amor, who is about four foot ten, was born with Jeune syndrome and lives at home in Hereford with his family during university holidays and will move to a house share in St John’s, Worcester, in September.

The student, who is studying for a degree in animation, has a job in a bar in Worcester city centre and says he faces a lot of comments from people while working but fortunately has good support from management and fellow staff members.

“Dwarfism doesn’t make anyone less of a person, it shouldn’t make them less employable or less attractive.”

Chris’ blog can be found here!

Read more: “I’m not a freak show” – Student facing frequent harassment wants to change attitudes about height (From Worcester News).


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