How to overtake cyclists?! A question that everyone needs to know the answer to.

“Socialism,” wrote the 1970s Chilean politician José Viera Gallo, “can only arrive by bicycle.” That’s why Jeremy Corbyn cycles everywhere. And come the revolution, prime minister Corbyn will see to it that this land of ours will be festooned with bike paths. Not the usual “crap” ones, oh no, the Corbynite cycleways will be clause IV bike paths, nationalised, surfaced with butter-smooth tarmac and wider than a wide thing.

Until then, we’ve got to make do with less then wholesome conditions, and that means sometimes sharing the road with tonnes of tin driven by texting, speeding, tweeting motorists.

I’m all for striving to reach Utopia (this is a small town in the Netherlands) but I live and cycle in the present day and I’d quite like motorists not to kill me today, and not just in 20 years’ time. Therefore alongside campaigning for infrastructure I’d quite like to affect some behavioural change right now. Naturally, expecting the current crop of motorists to treat cyclists with common courtesy is pie-in-the-sky thinking but we’ve got much more chance with the next crop.

Read more @TheGuardian


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